To PIMS Alumni and Friends,

In 1989, PIMS celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. At that time, the current location on Baum Boulevard was opened and dedicated, providing a significantly larger and improved educational facility. In conjunction with the opening of the new school, the Alumni Development Fund for donations was established as a system of recognition. Providing a nod to the late Dean William J. Musmanno, who had declared PIMS the “Flagship Station of Mortuary Education,” the wall honoring donors was designated the “Flagship Wall of Giving.” Progressive levels of contributions were assigned “ranks” in accordance with US naval officers such as Ensign to Admiral based on the levels of giving. Since that “launching” of the Flagship Wall of Giving, the financial commitment to achieve each of these “ranks” of recognition has remained the same. As a result of some discussion with staff and board members, we have been made aware that the giving level contributions comparing current dollar and income values to those of 1989 do not adequately honor the generous commitment of those early donors. With this in mind, the decision has been made to increase the giving thresholds for each of the donation “ranks” effective January 1, 2016. We delayed implementing these increases, to give an opportunity to those many donors who have given incrementally over the years in order to attain those higher levels of recognition. As such, all donations received prior to January 1, 2016 will achieve their “promotion” based on the current giving levels. These may be found in this edition of the Flagship or our Donor List. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to secure your “promotion” on the Flagship Wall of Giving. Please know that we appreciate all that you do.