Effective for trimesters or terms of study beginning in January 2017, the grading system is as follows:

  • A…………93-100…………Excellent
  • B…………85-92…………..Good
  • C…………76-84…………..Average
  • D…………70-75…………..Passing
  • F…………below 70……….Failure
  • F – Failure-Subject must be repeated for credit.
  • I – Incomplete-Course assignments to be completed. It is the responsibility of the student to fulfill the requirements for any course offered at the Pittsburgh Institute. If the requirements are not completed within a two week period following the end of the trimester, the grade is automatically changed to NC (No Credit), in which case the course must be repeated in its entirety.

The Institute will only consider extraordinary circumstances, (such as extended illness) if presented in writing by the student for any departure from this policy.

  • W – Withdrawal
  • WF- Withdrawal-Failing
  • E – Exempt
  • NC – No Credit.
  • P – Pass “P” grades are not awarded grade points and are not included in grade point average calculations.
  • T – Transfer Credit- Given when a comparable course has been successfully completed at another institution with a minimum C average.

In addition to being judged on the formal grading system and academic program of the Institute, all students are continuously evaluated on their professional attitude and cooperation toward the school’s program.


A student’s overall academic grade point average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the total grade points earned by the number of credits for the subjects completed.

  • A – four points
  • B- three point
  • C – two points
  • D – one points
  • F – 0 points


If, for any reason, a student is absent from a test or examination, arrangements should be made with the instructor for a make-up examination at the earliest opportunity. Such make-ups are given at the instructor’s discretion.


As outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, (also known as the Buckley Amendment) students have the right to have their educational records maintained in a confidential manner and the right to review their educational records. The act states that: (1) a written institutional policy must be established and (2) a statement of adopted procedures covering the privacy rights of students be made available. A copy of this policy is distributed to all students in attendance on an annual basis. It is also available to all students in attendance and parents of dependent students who are receiving federal financial aid, upon receiving a written request.


End-of-trimester grade reports shall be released to students in a timely manner, following the close of a trimester of study. However, in order for the records to be released, the student must be in good financial standing with the Institute and academic and administrative files must be complete. Official grade transcripts shall be released upon written request from the student or graduate. The fee for a grade transcript is currently $10.00 per copy. The Institute reserves the right to withhold the release of transcripts to those who fail to meet the above-mentioned criteria or who are in “default status” on repayment of a student loan.