The Institute is equipped with a wide variety of resources for both the student and alumni. One of the most comprehensive of its kind among funeral service programs, the library contains relevant journals, research materials and audio-visual resources which the student will find helpful. Along with the Institute’s library, the student will have access to a variety of libraries in the city of Pittsburgh including: Carnegie Public Library, University of Pittsburgh Medical School Library, Point Park University Library and others. These libraries are within several miles of the Institute and arrangements have been made for the student to use these facilities.


Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science has two parking lots available to staff and students. There is no additional charge for parking in the main parking lot. A second secured parking lot has limited parking for students for a nominal fee. However parking is on a first-come, first served basis. The Institute assumes no responsibility for vehicles parked in its lots.


During the first few days of each opening term, all first term students are interviewed by the Dean of Faculty and Students. Personal discussions are held on a continuing basis throughout their academic year, in order to help them with any problems and to guide them in their academic progress. This is done in addition to any initial interview which might have been held prior to matriculation.


Early in the first trimester, each class elects 3 representatives to the student senate. Meetings provide opportunities for implementing parliamentary procedures as well as prioritizing the students’ experience at PIMS. While there are no set requirements, each class is encouraged to plan and implement extra-curricular activities according to particular interests. In the past, students have organized athletic teams, dances, food drives for the needy, picnics for incoming classes and even golf tournaments. PIMS encourages student involvement and input. The student council serves as a liaison between the faculty and the student body. Quite often needs and ideas first vocalized by the student council are adopted as school policy. In addition, class planning and organization of its own functions provides further opportunity for development of leadership qualities which can be extended into future professional life.


Students of all religious denominations will have no problem in attending the services of their particular faith, since all are represented in the Shadyside district-most within a short distance of the Institute. There is an abundance of cultural and recreational activities available. Special rates for students are obtainable for many of these programs. High school, college and professional spectator sports abound in the area and seasonal recreational activities of all kinds can be participated in by the student at any of the local or regional parks close to the Institute.


Suitable housing accommodations-many within walking distance of the Institute-are available in the Shadyside area for out-of-town students. The office maintains a list of rooms and apartments and realtors to assist students seeking housing. Housing is also available through Point Park University should the student be interested in dorm living. The selection of a room or apartment is better accomplished prior to the start of classes, since the start of a new class coincides with the graduation of another. A number of vacancies are created at this time. There are many fine quick lunch establishments and restaurants within walking distance of the Institute.


While attending the Institute, many students wish to gain additional experience and, at the same time, to defray expenses, by seeking part-time work. For those who wish, there are opportunities for part-time positions at many of the local funeral homes. The Institute office has lists of persons and establishments seeking part-time help.


Another service of the Institute is its referral service which is available at no charge to either graduate or employer. Job opportunities brought to the attention of the Institute are referred to interested graduates. Satisfactory scholastic standing is a prerequisite for these services.


Class rings, mugs and other such items are available for purchase during the student’s second trimester. Sportswear, such as sweatshirts, jackets, baseball caps and tee shirts are available for purchase in the school library.