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  • I really enjoyed my experience with PIMS.  It was hard and I had to study A LOT, but it is so worth it!  All the instructors were wonderful and helpful.  I myself do not have any experience in the funeral industry and I was a little worried I would be behind and out of place, but I was assured by the middle of my first semester by Dr. Barry Lease that my perspective was not that far and off and actually welcomed.  I recommend PIMS to anyone looking to get into the funeral industry.  Thank you PIMS for all the great experience!  I also thank you for the new friends that I did not expect to meet in an online class and become very close and comfortable with. PIMS offers all the tools necessary to succeed.  The professors are caring knowledgeable in all subject matter.  I appreciated the challenge and rewards offered through PIMS online.

    Steve K., Montana, Student