State Licensure

Each state has unique licensure requirements for the funeral service profession. State requirements can vary as some require specific college courses prior to entering mortuary school. PIMS’ accreditation allows a student to sit for the National Board Examination in all 50 states, but prospective students must become familiar with the licensing and educational requirements in the state they wish to be licensed. The Institute will assist you with questions concerning such special requirements.

The PIMS admission office regularly reviews state licensure requirements and what states will accept PIMS’ Associate and/or Diploma options. Use the following symbols and the chart below to find this information.

  • *  – 21 Area I and 9 Area II credits required
  • #  – Specific subjects of study are dictated and approved by the state’s mortuary board
  • ^  – Preliminary courses required that exceed PIMS’ admission requirement
  • ≠  – Yet to be determined
  • Yes – Will accept our Diploma and/or Associate

Please contact the PIMS Admission Office or 412-362-8500 for more information or visit


PIMS Campus PIMS Online
Alabama Yes Yes
Alaska Yes *Yes
Arizona Yes Yes
Arkansas Yes Yes
California Yes Yes
Colorado Yes Yes
Connecticut Yes Yes
Delaware Yes *Yes
Florida Yes *Yes
Georgia Yes Yes
Hawaii Yes Yes
Idaho ^Yes ^Yes
Illinois Yes *Yes
Indiana Yes Yes
Kansas Yes Yes
Kentucky Yes *Yes
Louisiana Yes Yes
Maine Yes Yes
Maryland Yes *Yes
Massachusetts Yes *Yes
Michigan Yes #Yes
Mississippi Yes Yes
Missouri Yes Yes
Montana Yes Yes
Nevada ^Yes ^Yes
New Hampshire Yes Yes
New Jersey ^Yes ^Yes
New Mexico ^Yes ^Yes
New York Yes Yes
North Carolina Yes *Yes
North Dakota ^Yes ^Yes
Ohio Yes ^Yes
Oregon Yes Yes
Pennsylvania Yes ^Yes
Rhode Island Yes *Yes
South Carolina Yes Yes
South Dakota #^Yes #^Yes
Tennessee Yes Yes
Texas Yes Yes
Utah Yes *Yes
Vermont Yes *Yes
Virginia Yes Yes
Washington Yes *Yes
Washington DC Yes Yes
West Virginia Yes ^Yes
Wisconsin #^Yes #^Yes
Wyoming Yea *Yes

State Authorization

Post-secondary institutions that offer educational programs to students located outside of their home state must comply with the laws and regulations of the states where they seek to enroll students.

The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) is an agreement among member states that establishes comparable national standards for interstate offering of distance education programs.

The Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science (PIMS) is a participating member of the SARA and is authorized to enroll students in online courses in SARA member states which include 49 states. California and Washington DC are not members of SARA but PIMS is authorized to offer distance education based on California and DC statute.

Students must report to PIMS if a relocation to a different state occurs as this may affect authorization or licensure requirements and reporting. Contact any member of the administrative team to make the change or update your Sonis student portal.