What you need to know


In order to make informed decisions about your financial aid, it is important to know your options and know the difference between all types of financial aid offered at PIMS. Contact the PIMS Financial Aid Office for assistance.



  • Money provided by the federal or state government entities that do not require any repayment. Students who have earned a bachelor degree are not eligible. To apply for grants, you must complete the FAFSA. Here are the grants offered at PIMS:.

    • Federal Pell Grants: The Pell Grant is a need-based grant that’s eligibility is determined by the FAFSA and ultimately by the student’s expected family contribution (EFC), PIMS’ cost of attendance, and the student’s enrollment status.
    • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG): FSEOG is a grant for undergraduate students with exceptional financial need. The grant is awarded on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Pennsylvania State Grant: This state funded program allows eligible Pennsylvania residents to obtain financial assistance. Awards are based on financial need.
    • Ohio State Grant: PIMS is approved to offer the OCOG to Ohio residents who qualify.
    • Basic Educational Opportunity Grant: Based on a final high school GPA of 2.40 for a 1st year award in the amount of $200.  If the same student earns a 2.80 at the second check, they are awarded a 2nd year grant in the amount of $300.  After the completion of the third review, if the student would need to receive a final GPA of 3.10 to qualify for the final term grant of $500.  The student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and must have an EFC (estimated family contribution) from $0.00 – $500.00.
    • Funeral Service Education Institutional Grant: Grant amounts are based on annual Board approval. This grant is provided to qualifying students through the ABFSE scholarship program. To be considered for a PIMS FSEIG, a student must complete the ABFSE scholarship application in its entirety, the ABFSE staff will advise PIMS of the qualified recipients who successfully completed their application.
    • PIMS Yellow Ribbon Veteran Housing Allowance Grant: To honor those who have faithfully served our country, campus veterans who quality and chose a standard pace program will receive a $1000 grant during their term 1B to provide reimbursement for their loss of a housing allowance during that term.  This is PIMS way of honoring our agreement with the VA’s Yellow Ribbon program and supporting our country’s veterans in their pursuit of higher education. Please see your VA Certifying Official or the FA Office to apply.



  • Loans are funds that are borrowed from government entities or private institutions that must be repaid with interest. To apply for federal loans, you must complete the FAFSA. Here are the loans options available at PIMS:

    • Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan: The Federal Direct Student Loan Program is the most widely used student loan program for students interested in borrowing to help meet educational expenses. The Federal Direct Subsidized Student Loan does not accrue interest while you are enrolled in classes at least half-time, but the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan accrues interest starting at the date of disbursement. Borrowing limits, interest rates, and terms of repayment are determined and regulated by the U.S. Department of Education. Students apply for these loans via the FAFSA.
    • Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan: The Federal Parent PLUS Loan Program enables parents with good credit histories to borrow money to pay the education expenses of their children. The student must be a dependent student making Satisfactory Academic Progress and attending school at least half-time. Parents should contact the PIMS FA Office for instructions on how to apply and to inquire about loan limits.
    • Private Education Loan: Students and their families can borrow additional loan funds to help meet their college costs using private education loan programs. These credit based loan programs are provided by commercial lenders and are not supported by state or federal financial aid funds. Some private education loans may require interest payments while the student is enrolled in school. In addition, students need to be aware that interest rates and repayment plans will vary with private educational loans to be aware of this information prior to applying.


What’s my first step?

If you have completed a FAFSA already, add our school code (01081400) and the FA Office will receive your FAFSA in a few days. 

How do I find out what I qualify for?

The Federal Student Aid website lists all the basic qualifications. An Offer Letter is emailed to the student once all financial aid paperwork and applications are submitted and after the enrollment contract is on file. Estimations of what will be awarded can be provided by the FA Office if a current FAFSA application is on file.

How do I qualify for grants and scholarships?

Upon enrolling at PIMS, each accepted student is given a list of organizations that provide scholarships to mortuary students. Federal, state, and institutional grants would be applied for via the FAFSA.

What if I do not want loans?

Scholarships and grants typically do not cover a term/trimester’s tuition and fees. PIMS does not have a payment plan option, balances are due before finals so that does give a student the term/trimester to make payments.

When do I get my financial aid?
  • Please allow two weeks for processing your FAFSA; FAFSA applications are processed on a first come first serve basis.
  • An offer letter, which is a breakdown of what the student qualifies for in both grants and loans is sent to the student once all financial aid paperwork and applications are submitted and after the enrollment contract is on file.
  • Estimations of what will be awarded can be provided by the FA Advisor pending a current FAFSA application is on file.
What if I need more money than what I was awarded?
  • Not all students receive enough federal and/or state student aid to cover tuition and fees. Students can offset the out-of-pocket expense with scholarships and/or private educational loans.
  • PIMS does not have a payment plan option, balances are due prior to finals. If students have questions about funding options they are encouraged to visit or contact the PIMS FA Office at jmoyer@pims.edu.
I am transferring to your Institution, is my financial aid going to be different?
  • Many of our students are required to complete credits prior to attending PIMS.
  • The only time prior borrowing affects borrowing at PIMS is when the student has already used loans or grants in the current academic year.
  • Another way prior borrowing can affect financial eligibility at PIMS is when a student is close or at max limits.
  • Contact the PIMS FA Office at jmoyer@pims.edu to discuss your specific situation.
Can I take out a personal loan to cover living expenses?
  • Students are able to borrow funds up to the cost of attendance which includes transportation, food, housing, and personal expenses.
  • PIMS encourages responsible borrowing and does not recommend borrowing up to the cost of attendance each academic year.
  • The FA Office recommends creating a budget to determine what is absolutely needed to live on if a student is forced to use educational loan funds for living expenses.
Do I qualify for a state grant?
  • PIMS can only accept the Pennsylvania State Grant for students domiciled in the state of Pennsylvania for at least 12 months prior to starting PIMS courses.
  • To view the Pennsylvania State Grant Program qualifications visit  http://www.pheaa.org.
  • The FAFSA serves as the state grant application for the Spring and Fall terms, summer is a separate application.