At PIMS, students have the option to receive transfer credit for some courses in the core mortuary science program via a test out process. A student has a course that qualifies for transfer credit when they provide a transcript from an accredited institution which shows a similar course in which they earned a C or better AND the credit amount earned at least equals the PIMS course credit amount. In addition, a grade of 85% or higher must be earned on the test out exam. The test out process is as follows:

  • The Office of Admissions reviews transcripts for qualifying (Area I and Area II), transfer, and potential test out credits; this list will be emailed to the student.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to provide the Admissions Office with a list of courses that they would like to test out.
  • All students planning on using financial aid must speak with the FA office prior to scheduling the exam.
  • The Admissions Coordinator will be in touch to schedule the exam on campus which is ultimately administered by the Dean.

These requirements are in place to ensure that the student maintains the required knowledge to pass both the PIMS Comprehensive Examination and the National Board Examination.

The following are the courses eligible for test out credit:

CORE PROGRAM (AST & DIP)                                            ASB PROGRAM (campus only)

Financial Accounting (ACC 110) – 3 credits Elements of Economics (ECO 210) – 3 credits
Human Anatomy (ANA 110) – 3 credits English Composition (ENG 210) – 3 credits
Business Law (BL 110) – 3 credits Human Resource Management (HRM 210) – 3 credits
Small Business Management (MGT 122) – 3 credits Risk Management (RM 210) – 3 credits
Pathology I (PAT 121) – 3 credits Environmental Health (BIO 210) – 3 credits
Pathology II (PAT 122) – 3 credits Death and Children (DC 210) – 3 credits
General Psychology (PSY 121) – 2 credits Gerontology (GER 210) – 3 credits
Microbiology (MIC 110) – 3 credits Social Psychology (SOC 110) – 3 credits
Business Mathematics/Comp App (BMC 110) – 3 credits


The following are the courses eligible for transfer credit which may require a course content review:

Financial Accounting (ACC 110) – 3 credits English Composition (ENG 210) – 3 credits
Business Mathematics/Comp App (BMC 110) – 3 credits **Mortuary science courses could be eligible for transfer credit pending syllabi review**


Please keep in mind:

  • Qualifying credits (Area I and II) cannot be used as transfer credits. Area I and Area II qualify you for our Associate level programs and do not replace the CORE 60 mortuary science credits. The CORE 60 would require a test out to prove proficiency except for math and accounting for the online students.
  • Credits used to qualify you for state licensure (i.e., Pennsylvania requires 60 preliminary credits) cannot be transferred or tested out.
  • Credits transferred from other institutions will become a part of your official record, but grades will not be placed on the transcript nor used in determining your cumulative grade point average at PIMS.