Programs of Study


The Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science (PIMS) offers ABFSE accredited diploma and associate level programs in Funeral Directing and Embalming online and on-campus.

Most states require a license to practice Funeral Service and each state has its own education requirements.

PIMS’ Admission and Enrollment Team are qualified licensed Funeral Directors that will work with you to tailor your program to meet your personal needs and goals based on:

  1.  Desired state of licensure
  2.  Previous education
  3.  Mode of educational delivery: online or campus (standard or accelerated)

All PIMS students participate in:

  •  Practical training in a funeral home
  •  Clinical embalming experience
  •  Restorative art laboratory
  •  Cremation and celebrant certifications


If you are looking for more literature on our programs you can view our Bulletin (school catalog), or read these frequently asked questions:

  • What are the names of the programs?
    • Depending on the requirements of your state, you may be enrolled into the Associate in Specialized Technology Degree, Funeral Service Arts and Sciences, Associate in Specialized Business Degree, or the Diploma in Embalming and Funeral Directing Program.
  • How long are the programs?
    • The length of your program will depend upon online or campus delivery. Online programs are two years. If you decide to attend on campus, you will have the option to select the standard or the accelerated pace.
  • What do I need to enroll?
    • Please visit our Admission Requirement page to view what is needed to enter our programs. Let our Admissions Office guide you through both the PIMS’ admission requirements and your state’s educational requirements.
  • How do I find out what my state’s educational requirements are?
    • The National Funeral Director Association provides access to all state board’s contact information. We highly suggest that you contact your state board to find out if there are preliminary requirements and if a student trainee registration is needed. Laws and regulations can change; check your state website frequently.
  • If I attend online, do I have to visit the campus?
    • Yes, there are two campus visits required. The first is for the Restorative Art Laboratory and the second is for the PIMS Comprehensive Examination. Additional, visits are optional, such as: celebrant training, various third-party educational seminars, and job fairs.
  • What is the cost of the program?
    • The cost will be determined by the program that you are enrolled in and the amount of credits required for that program. To view our tuition and fees schedules click here.
  • What is your transfer of credit policy?
    • Due to the unique nature of the subject matter that we teach, it can be difficult to transfer credits: especially for those courses oriented towards Funeral Service. Our goal is to give you an unparalleled education which will lead to successfully passing the National Board Examination. We have test out options for courses that are more general in nature. Our Bulletin has the full Transfer of Credit Policy.
  • How do I complete my clinical and practical experience if I decide to attend online?
    • PIMS has an extensive network of funeral homes that we work with, but we may not have contacts near you. It is highly recommended that you work to form a relationship with a funeral home located near you, prior to enrolling, in which to complete this clinical experience.
  • Will PIMS help me to find an internship/job when I graduate?
    • PIMS has a referral service in place which is available at no charge to either graduate or employer.  Job opportunities brought to the attention of PIMS are posted within the student and alumni online portals.

A special note to students seeking online learning:

– If state licensure requires an Associate Degree in Mortuary Science, PIMS requires 30 qualifying semester credits to enter the online program, possibly more if your state requires it. See the Admission Requirements page for a description of the Associate program requirements.

– There are two CO-requisites (6 semester credits) required prior to the completion of the PIMS online program, managerial and financial accounting and business mathematics. Upon PIMS’ review of the course content these courses may be transferred in. Student may opt to take an twelve week online accounting course with PIMS to fulfill the 3 semester credit requirement. Business mathematics is not offered online at PIMS.

Please reach out to our Admissions Office today at so we can start building the program that meets your lifestyle, educational goals, and state requirements.

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