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If you are considering a rewarding career where you are a deeply valued member of the community that you serve, then the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science (PIMS) can help you “Cross the Bridge” to a gratifying career in Funeral Service. Please read below to learn how to get started.

Submission of an application does NOT guarantee acceptance.  The acceptance process is multi-tiered with each step below required to be considered for enrollment; you will receive an acceptance letter if your application is approved by the Admission Committee. It is the policy of the Institute to admit students that are the best qualified to meet state licensure requirements and those that will be able assume the professional responsibilities of a licensed embalmer and funeral director.

Applicant should consider the following before applying:

  • The PIMS program and any required pre-requisite college credits are determined by the state in which you wish to be licensed. PIMS encourages all applicants to contact that states’ board to verify education requirements.
  • No prior college is required for campus students, no matter state of licensure.
  • The PIMS online Associate program requires 30 qualifying pre-requisite college credits; the PIMS online Diploma program does not require prior college but this credential level is only accepted in a few states.
    • A Business Math course is required; this co-requisite applies to both online programs and must be obtained either prior to entrance or while in the program. This course is not offered by PIMS online, this 3 credit course will be applied to the 60 credits required at PIMS.
  • For all applicants seeking licensure in Pennsylvania:
    • PA ONLINE students must complete, and SUBMIT to PIMS’ admission office proof of earning the Certificate of Preliminary Education (COPE).
    • PA CAMPUS students will be enrolled into the 97 credit Associate program despite qualifying for a lesser credit program until they have submitted to PIMS their proof of earning the Certificate of Preliminary Education (COPE).
      • The COPE does require a separate fee paid to the Department of Education.
  • To ensure that our students are employable after graduation, every applicant will be subjected to an evaluation of their internet presence by a member of the Admission Committee. All students attending the Institute are required to comply with commonly accepted rules of good behavior, any infractions or “unbecoming” behavior will not be accepted within the funeral service industry. Funeral service is a well respected profession, although the industry is experiencing a lot of changes it is still very traditional.
  • PIMS enrolls students in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Enrollment can be competitive, so it’s suggested to apply prior to the application deadlines, which are:
    • Campus
      • Fall: September 27th – deadline for all application materials is September 17th
      • Spring: January 31st – deadline for all application materials is January 21st
    • Online
      • Fall: October 18th – FULL
      • Spring: January 17th – deadline for all application materials is January 7th

PIMS is located in East Liberty, a trendy neighborhood just a few miles from downtown Pittsburgh. White we do not have student housing, the PIMS Housing Help Sheet can assist in getting you started with your search.

Please contact our Admission Office at or at 412-362-8500 if you have any questions!

How to Apply:

  • Complete an online application
    • First create a login, next use the “Continue an Application in Progress” button with your login information to complete the rest of the application
      • Tip: Don’t lose your login info, this portal will become your student portal!
    • There is a $50.00 application fee payable by credit card within the online application
  • Submitted the following one-at-a-time or all together:
    • The Admission Health Screening Form – All information must be on the medical form. No supplemental medical documentation of immunizations will be accepted 
    • A headshot photo for ID purposes
      • TIP: No need to pay for a photo but please be professional
    • Official transcripts sent directly to PIMS from the institution or an approved electronic transcript service; if sent by the applicant they are no longer official
      • High school transcript or a high school equivalency (If a final high school GPA is 2.0 or less, 12 liberal arts or general education college credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher is required)
    • All college transcripts
    • Copy of healthcare insurance card 
    • If seeking a licensure in Pennsylvania:

Items can be sent together or separately via email to Maria Sproull, our Admission Advisor at OR mailed to PIMS, Application Materials,  5808 Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15206, or faxed to 412-362-1684. 

Don’t forget you can track the progress of your application within the PIMS Applicant Portal!

What happens next:

  • Once your application and all the supporting materials listed above have been submitted to the Admissions Office your application is sent to the Admission Committee for review
  • A decision from the Admission Committee will be emailed within three weeks of your application submission
  • If accepted, depending on how close the start date is, a PIMS Enrollment Package will be provided with items to return to the school
  • If you push your start date back, applications are good for one year and application items may be shredded after that time frame
  • If denied, an applicant can reapply in one year or if additional college credits are obtained and a 2.0 or greater is achieved an applicant can reapply at that time

Financial Aid questions can be directed to Mrs. Rocco at and Veteran Benefit questions can be directed to Mrs. Elachko at


PIMS requires, upon enrollment and prior to matriculation, a signed enrollment contract and arbitration agreement. If you would like a copy of these documents please contact Mr. Drobish at The arbitration agreement does not in any way affect a student’s right to file a BDR claim and the claim does not need to be arbitrated prior to filing.


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