Clinical Embalming Experience

PIMS offers one of the most thorough and comprehensive clinical laboratory experiences in the country.

All PIMS students, under the supervision of a licensed instructor, are required to embalm a minimum of thirty human remains as part of the clinical experience. This exceeds the requirements of the American Board of Funeral Service Education. The PIMS student will earn more practical experience and prepare more human remains during their embalming clinical than most other programs.

On Campus, we embalm over 500 human remains a year. Each of our student teams of three to five students completes their 30 cases within our four-station, state-of-the-art embalming facility.

Online students have the option of completing their 30 clinical embalming requirements with a funeral home they are affiliated with near their home. 

We will give you the experience to succeed.


Funeral Service Practicum

At PIMS, like all American Board of Funeral Service Education accredited schools, students fulfill a Funeral Service Practicum. The goal is to give the students “real-world” experience while learning the challenges facing the modern funeral director.  

All PIMS students, under the direct supervision of a licensed funeral director, will learn about the paperwork a funeral director uses such as price lists and embalming and cremation authorizations.  Also, whether in simulations or real life, students will gain experience with taking first calls, transferring the deceased from their place of death, assisting with funeral arrangements, and even participating in funerals.

For Campus students, this unique opportunity is completed at the school and nearby funeral homes. 

Online students can perform their practicum at the same funeral home where they complete their embalming clinical.  

You become part of our family.    

Certified Celebrant Training

PIMS is an authorized mortuary school provider of the prestigious Insight Certified Celebrant training

A Certified Celebrant is a person who is trained and certified to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. A Celebrant serves by providing a funeral service that is personalized to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the deceased.  This intense, yet very rewarding training is performed on the PIMS campus by our certified trainer.  This experience is a great resume builder.

For Campus students, this training is part of their curriculum and incorporated into their Communication Skills coursework.  

Online students have the option of coming to the campus up to four times a year for this celebrant training.   

Always providing the newest information.  


Certified Crematory Operator

PIMS students graduate as Certified Crematory Operators.  In addition to a course on cremation practices, we prepare you to work in the ever-growing field of cremation.  This does not simply include how the crematory itself is operated, but best practices to ensure safety for the families, to protect against the potential legal ramifications, and the marketing techniques used for good business.  

For Campus and Online students, this certification is part of their normal curriculum. 

We prepare you for the future of funeral service. 

Speakers, Seminars, Fairs

PIMS students have exposure to several guest speakers that join us on campus with various funeral-related issues.  We host continuing educational seminars by industry leaders that the students may attend.  Several times a year we hold job fairs with individual funeral homes and groups of funeral homes.    

Your education never stops.