With all of our alumni’s generous contributions, the PIMS Board of Directors has continued to build a scholarship fund to assist students and help defray the cost of their education. Currently, $50,000 is allocated each year to this scholarship fund. This represents the largest fund of its kind among funeral service programs. To be eligible for this financial assistance, the American Board of Funeral Service Education carefully screens each of the worthy candidates. Your tax-deductable donation to the PIMS Development Fund will continue to grow this scholarship fund and help make the dreams of future PIMS students a reality.

Your name can proudly be added to the Flagship of Giving wall of recognition which is located in the lobby of the Institute.

As you continue to support the Institute, your donations will be accumulated over time. This way, the amount you give each year will enable you to move up the “Ranks of Giving.”

Ranks of Giving 

○ Admiral                         $10,000 or more

○ Vice Admiral                 $9,999.00-$6,000.00

○ Captain                          $5,999.00-$3,000.00

○ Commander                  $2,999.00-$1,500.00

○ Lieutenant                     $1,499.00-$750.00 (or more qualifies for recognition on Wall of Giving)

○ Ensign                            $749.00-$450.00

○ Patron                            $ < 449.00

Flagship of Giving recognition may be an individual’s name, “In memory of,” name of funeral home or other organizations.