Financial Aid Timelines & Deadlines

Please allow for two weeks to process each FAFSA. FAFSA’s will be processed on a first come first serve basis. The student must be accepted to the program and an enrollment contract must be on file for an award to be sent. There are no PIMS’ deadlines for the FAFSA application except the FAFSA must be received and loans requested by the FA Office prior to the end of the term for which it would be utilized.  Students are not responsible for tuition and fees while the FAFSA is being processed with the exception of the tuition deposit, matriculation fee, equipment, and textbooks.

Verification Procedure 

Students will be notified if verification documents are required via email. Students are responsible for sharing information requests with their parents as documents may need to be collected from the parent(s).  Only Tax Return transcripts can be accepted, not actual tax documents like a W2. Tax Return transcripts can be requested at . Corrections will be made to the student’s FAFSA by the school if discrepancies are found. The student will be notified if corrections are made.  There are consequences of not submitting verification information in a timely manner. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and awards cannot be processed until all requested verification items have been received. Once all requested information has been received, please allow two weeks for the award to be processed. Students have 30 days to submit all required forms and documents, unless mitigating circumstances occur, otherwise the student may be asked to look into other funding options.

Financial Aid Disbursements

After the registration process is complete and the term begins, federal financial aid will disburse into your student account and be credited towards your tuition bill. For our campus based students, financial aid disburses once a trimester. For our online students, aid disburses every other term. If there is a credit balance, students may opt to receive a refund check. Contact the Business Office to change your credit balance authorization if you would like the school to hold or refund your excess financial assistance paid to the school. After all financial aid is posted to a student’s financial ledger and a balance occurs, students have 10 business days to cover all tuition and fees for the term. Students may contact the PIMS FA Office for assistance.

Enrollment & Aid Eligibility


Full-time: 16+ full aid eligibility

3/4 time: 12-15 full aid eligibility

Part-time: 8-11 part-time aid eligibility

Less than part-time: under 8 no aid eligibility


Students attending the online must follow the published schedule to maintain a ¾ time enrollment status; which allows for full aid eligibility. If a course needs retaken the student may not be aid eligible because they would considered less than half-time.

Tuition Payment Policy

PIMS does not send out invoices or bills, it is the student’s responsibility to know their balance and to know when payments are due for each term. The SONIS Student Portal is a live system that provides updated information within real-time; students have the ability to view their bill, entire financial ledger and make payments on the SONIS Student Portal.

Tuition is due 14 business days after the first day of the term. If the student has any pending federal financial aid or grants, the remaining balance after the award is posted to the student’s ledger is due within 10 business days from the date the award is posted on the student’s ledger. You will receive an email from the Business Office the day loans and/or grants are posted.

Making a Payment

Checks can be made out to “PIMS” and mailed to the school’s address with the student’s name and ID number on the memo line, preferably the student can pay with a credit card via the online SONIS Student Portal.