Pittsburgh Stronger Than Hate

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Dear all,

Sadly, Pittsburgh is “in the news” for a most inauspicious reason. While the events at the Tree of Life Synagogue yesterday perpetrated by a cowardly and hate-filled individual has cast a pall over the city, we are resilient and “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” aka Pittsburgh will not stay down…

Speaking for the PIMS family, we thank the amazing work of the first responders who by every account, prevented this situation from escalating exponentially. Obviously we hold vigil for those who are injured and send our well wishes for a full recovery. And of course, we express our deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives…we commemorate their dear departed souls and wish them eternal rest.
Finally, we ask for fortitude and strength for the “last responders” in our noble profession who will be tasked to care for the loved ones and their bereaved families helping them to transition their loved ones from “presence to memory” (a list of those who we remember is attached)…

We are not yet sure what we will do as a PIMS family, but please know you will be kept “in the loop” via this virtual campus. If you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to share as Dr. Lease and I are open to any good ideas… In the meantime, take a minutes and perhaps send positive thoughts this way via response to this email.

Finally, while the logos of our beloved sports teams have been “altered” (see attached) to inspire us all in the wake of this tragedy, speaking for all of us at PIMS, we agree that we are #StrongerThanHate.