If you have been separated from PIMS for over one year, a new Application for Admission will be required, including all transcripts and other application materials. A new application and materials will also be required if you change from campus to online or vice-versa, even if you attended within the last year. If you withdrew less than a year ago, contact the Registrar’s Office at 412-362-8500 x105 or at krocco@pims.edu to re-enroll. A stale credit policy has also been established which could affect your placement and your prior earned credits. Please contact a PIMS administrator for this policy.

There is no guarantee that your reapplication will be accepted by the Admission Committee and you will be notified via email of the Committee’s decision after you have a complete application on file.

Deadline for Readmission for all students will be 30 days prior to the trimester/term start date.