Mortuary school is not for everyone, but it could be for you. Maybe you are considering a career change, or maybe you have realized that a traditional college setting isn’t for you. If you have discovered the world of mortuary science and it intrigues you, here are 10 reasons you should enroll in PIMS in the fall.


1. Mortuary Science Is Your Jam

Mortuary science isn’t for everyone due to the subject matter. But having a passion for it means you have the opportunity to help people during one of the most difficult times in their life: dealing with the death of a loved one.

Therefore, working in the death care industry involves more than just embalming bodies and planning funerals. In fact, you will be working with the deceased’s loved ones just as much, if not more, than caring for the deceased themselves. Having high levels of empathy and the ability to comfort people is crucial in this industry.

 If you are considering being a mortician, but you don’t know where to start, we have a blog post that highlights what to expect as well as what traits you should exhibit.

2. The Staff Is Both Welcoming and Experienced

Many alumni praise how welcoming and accommodating the staff is. On top of this, each faculty member has their own background that provides students with the skills required of a funeral professional. Plus, there is an absolutely adorable emotional support dog to assist students during their most stressful times.

3. The Courses Are Thorough

The curriculum at PIMS is as thorough as possible to ensure that students are ready to enter the funeral service world. Working in the clinical embalming lab is no exception to this; each student is required to complete at least 30 embalmings under the supervision of a licensed instructor.

4. Real-World Experience Is Provided

Students working in the embalming lab for so much of their education is just one example of the real-world experience they receive at PIMS. 

Funeral Service Practicum experience is also provided, meaning that students work with a licensed funeral director at their own funeral home to understand all that goes into the job. From first call to final disposition, students will experience the funeral service process in both simulated and in “real time” at approved establishments.

5. The Program Provides You With Confidence

All this real-world experience gives alumni the confidence to work in the field, and even open their own businesses. The staff encourages students to follow their passions and interests in the field, so they can hone an expertise to use in their career.

6. The Distance Learning Is High Quality

You may have a passion and desire to enter the funeral service industry, but know you can’t drop everything else going on in your life to attend full-time classes on campus. Fortunately, the online learning at PIMS is the same as in-residence courses, with the primary difference between term lengths. 

Online students still have the same clinical and practical requirements, so it might be beneficial for online students to have some sort of relationship with a funeral home.

7. You’ll Work With The Most Innovative Technology

As technology has advanced so much since the school’s opening in 1939, it has developed a mission to involve the most innovative and modern technology in the students’ education.

8. PIMS Alumni Are All Over The Country

PIMS boasts some impressive stats regarding alumni. As one of the largest funeral service alumni with over 8,000 individuals, as well as having the largest alumni blueprint spanning over 40 states. On top of this, many alumni are proud to have attended PIMS.

9. Continuing Education Credits Are Available To Alumni

Part of the funeral service industry involves being up-to-date on the industry and continuing to fulfill your state’s requirements. PIMS provides their alumni with ongoing credits so they can stay up to date.

10. Professional Resources Are Provided To Students

Even after students graduate, they may still be provided resources by the school. PIMS offers a free referral service that allows students to find internships as well as connecting alumni with job opportunities posted by employers.

Final Thoughts

If all of this sounds appealing to you, we’d love to help you get started on the application process. Any questions can be sent to the Admission Office at!